How Can I Receive Remote Technical Support for My Issue?

Last Updated a year ago

If you've decided according to the explanation in item 8 under the 'Technical Service – Who do we serve? How to Apply? What does it cover?' section on the Frequently Asked Questions page, you or the technical service representative should download and install the 'AnyDesk' program from onto your computer before making the call.

During communication, after you provide the representative with the numbers displayed in the 'This workspace' section of the program, a remote connection will be established. Here are some issues that can be resolved through remote assistance:

  1. Assistance with printer or scanner setup.
  2. Support for installation and usage issues of applications.
  3. Help with resolving issues in Microsoft applications (like Word, Excel, etc.).
  4. Remote operating system maintenance and performance tuning.
  5. Additionally, a variety of other IT issues such as passwords, web pages, virus checks, etc., can be addressed.

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