What is a Spam Folder? Why Are My Emails Going to the Recipient's Spam Folder? Reasons for Emails Going to Spam Folder

Last Updated 11 months ago

What is a Spam Folder?

In Office 365, it's a section where incoming emails are marked as spam and directed to a separate folder. Spam filters analyze the content and other factors of emails to detect those marked as spam. Emails identified as spam are automatically directed to the spam folder.

There are several possible reasons why your emails might be landing in the recipient's spam folder. Here are some common causes:

Content or Configuration: The content or configuration of the email can trigger the recipient's spam filters. For example, emails with excessive advertising content, deceptive texts, suspicious links, or other elements considered as spam can be caught by spam filters. Messages sent without a subject can be perceived as spam by the recipient. IP Address Reputation: The IP addresses of servers connected to Office 365 can affect the passage of emails through the recipient's spam filters. If the IP address of Office 365 servers has a poor reputation, the recipient's spam filters may mark the emails as spam. Spam Complaints: The recipient's users might have previously marked or reported your emails as spam. In this case, the system may automatically label such emails as spam. Recipient Settings: The recipient's email account settings could cause your emails to be directed to the spam folder. Recipients might have set emails from certain senders to be marked as spam by default or filtered based on certain criteria. If your emails consistently end up in the recipient's spam folder;

Review the Content and Configuration:** Check your emails for elements that could trigger spam filters. Try to reduce elements like advertising content, deceptive texts, or suspicious links.

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