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What are my application login details?

Last Updated 2 months ago

Application Usernames:

  • Students registered in 2021 and later can log in with their student numbers. 
  • Students registered before 2021 can log in with usernames starting with letters like "l, s, f, o."
  • A person can have multiple usernames; for instance, if there are multiple student records, a username is created for each relevant student record. 
  • Staff application usernames are generally the same as their email usernames and are determined as the part before the "@" symbol

Application Password:

Your application password is fixed and cannot be changed. This password is the one you use for accessing systems like Distro, EBYS, PERSİS, etc. 

Do not share your application password with anyone. If you forget your password or have security concerns, we recommend you request support at under "Internal Applications / Application Password Issue (General)."

Click here for the application list.

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