Technical Service: Who We serve, How to apply, and What services are covered?

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Technical Service support is limited to IT hardware and applications used in the laboratories, academic, and administrative staff offices of the institution. The aim is to provide support for the continuation of internal business processes with temporary or permanent solutions.

If you have an IT device belonging to the institution, you can create a technical service support request at The IT Support Unit will then contact you.

Points to note:

  1. Personal computer maintenance and repairs are not covered by the Technical Service.
  2. Support is not provided for licenses and software not belonging to the institution.
  3. If a computer with a hardware fault is new and under warranty, it should be sent to the authorized service through the department it is associated with. Products under warranty are repaired not by the IT department but by their respective authorized service centers.
  4. On-site operating system, hardware/software installation, or component assembly are not conducted. For such requests, you must deliver your computer to the IT center building or, if available, to the room of the IT responsible at your location. Seek assistance from building managers for shipping.
  5. If you are sending an old or currently used computer, backups must be taken by you. Technical Service does not perform backups. Also, Technical Service does not perform DATA RECOVERY; data responsibility remains with the owner.
  6. Computers sent to Technical Service must have a note with the owner's contact information, a brief description of the problem, and a reachable phone number.
  7. Technical Service does not constantly stock spare parts. You are required to provide assembly parts (like RAM upgrades, hard disks, graphics cards, etc.).
  8. If you think the issue with your computer can be resolved via remote support or phone, do not forget to mention this in your technical support request.
  9. Technical service is not responsible for managing or supervising your department’s computer laboratories. You should note down laboratory issues that are beyond your scope and report them to technical support before the laboratory is put into operation, striving to get them resolved.
  10. Technical reports are NOT PREPARED for computers to be scrapped or written off. Technical reports ARE PREPARED for new computer requests in place of old and irreparable computers. Please consult the movable asset officer you are associated with for information regarding this.

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