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About undergraduate and graduate registrations!...

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After the completion of the registration process through the OBS system, YTU creates the email addresses and application accounts for students who have registered between Monday and Wednesday of the previous week. YTU sends the information of the student email addresses, as well as the application username and password information, to the registered personal email addresses in the system.

"Once your email account is created, if you haven't received the notification email, you can find out your email username from the website and access your email account using the following steps from the email system.

If you have completed your registration but cannot access your email password, you can access your account with the temporary password which is written as "Your name's first letter capitalized - in English characters + last four digits of your student number + "ytu!"".

Example: For a student named Şükran YILDIRIM with student number 22011625, the temporary password would be (S1625ytu!).


To log in to the online learning system;

Sign in to the mail system using your email address assigned to you. After successful login, you can access the online education system using the same username and password.


"You can contact us for questions, complaints or suggestions regarding OBS by emailing for undergraduate students and for graduate students."

"If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions related to the topic, you can send them to "Student E-mail" under the title on the website."

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